BOGO and Watch Your Star Name Launched to Outer Space!

Crowd watching launch
Watch your star name launched to space!

Name A Star Live is the only star naming service that launches your star name into space! Name a star with us and join us in person to watch the launch of your star name. We’ll be hosting a star party too where you can view the stars and planets through telescopes. If you can’t join us in person, you watch via webcast.

A family stargazing
See the stars and planets at our star party in New Mexico.

It’s all happening in April 2018 at a place called “Spaceport America” in New Mexico — about a two-hour drive north of El Paso. This 21st century spaceflight facility will be used by Sir Richard Branson to fly space tourists into the Final Frontier. Spaceport America is also one of the launch locations we use to fly our customers’ star names. Watching a launch occur over the majestic landscape of New Mexico — the “Land of Enchantment” — is simply breathtaking! Plus, you can tour Mission Control and view the rocket on the launch pad. Name A Star Live makes you a part of real space missions, and you get the full experience at Spaceport America.

Touring the launch pad
Touring the launch pad at Spaceport America

After we launch your star name, you get a¬† letter-size, Digital Launch Certificate confirming that your star name was part of a real space mission. If you can’t join us for liftoff, you can even watch the launch online. What a wonderful Christmas gift! So name a star today!

We offer 2 types of gifts:

  • Our Instant Gifts are provided to you via the Internet: Download, Print and Give right away, 24/7!
  • Our Keepsake Gifts are printed and shipped to you or to your gift recipient. We offer free Priority Mail shipping to U.S. addresses.

When you take advantage of our Buy One, Get One sale you:

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1. Visit our site and add any Gift Set to your cart.
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4. Name both of your stars and gift them to friends & family!

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Star Bear Gift Set
The Star Bear Gift Set starts at $39.95. Click to see larger image

Featured Gift Set

One of our most popular Keepsake Gifts is the Star Bear Gift Set, which starts at $74.95. Shipped to you or your gift recipient, it includes everything you’ll need to make the stars come alive. It’s a great name-a-star gift for Christmas,¬†Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, graduation or any special occasion.

The Name A Star Live Star Bear Gift Set includes:

  • A loveable, cuddly 6″ bear holding a generic parchment certificate, and adorned with a gold ribbon and star.
  • A 5×7″ Printed Star Certificate displaying the name of your star, your star’s astronomical coordinates, and a personal message you can write for your gift recipient.
  • A letter-size Digital Star Certificate that you can download, print and give right away while your Star Bear and Printed Star Certificate are on the way in the mail.
Launch Certificate
You get a Digital Launch Certificate each time we launch your star name into space — with Name A Star Live, you’re made part of real space missions!

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