How to Download Your Launch Certificate

1. Visit the My Sky section of the Name A Star Live website at


My Sky login page
The “My Sky” section of the Name A Star Live website.
  • If you created an account with us before, log in with your username and password. If you don’t remember your password, you can create a new one. NOTE: Please do not create a new account now and expect to find your Launch Certificate — the system does not work that way.
  • If you did not create an account with us in the past, then use the “LOOKUP BY ORDER NUMBER” option. You will find your order number in the extreme, lower, right-hand corner of your Star Certificate. You’ll also find this number in your e-mail receipt we sent you at the time of purchase.
Star Certificate
Your Order Number appears in the extreme, lower, right-hand corner of your Star Certificate, highlighted in red here.

3. You should automatically be taken to the “My Stars” section of the site. If not, click on either of the “My Stars” links in My Sky.

My Sky webpage
The “My Stars” links are highlighted in red in this image.

4. Now that you’re in “My Stars,” click on the “LAUNCH CERTIFICATE” link.

My Stars section
In the My Stars section, click on the “LAUNCH CERTIFICATE” link.

5. A popup box will appear. Click on “Download Certificate” next to the mission of your choice, e.g., “Heritage Flight.” Note that only the mission name(s) that your star name flew on will be displayed. A letter-size PDF file will then download to your computer. For the best effect, we recommend printing this letter-size PDF document on glossy or photographic paper. You may print this document as many times  as you wish.

Click on the "Download Certificate" link.
Click on the “Download Certificate” link.