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Buy NowIt’s Cyber Monday, which means automatic, 30% savings at Name A Star Live! Take 30% off the price of any Name A Star Live gift set today and tomorrow, Nov. 27 & 28, 2017.

Name A Star Live is the only star naming service that launches your star name into space! First, we provide you a letter-size Star Certificate that displays the name of your star, your star’s astronomical coordinates, and a personal message you write for your gift recipient. After we launch your star name, you get a  letter-size, Digital Launch Certificate confirming that your star name was part of a real space mission. You can even watch the launch online. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

The Andromeda GalaxyWe offer 2 types of gifts:

  • Our Instant Gifts are provided to you via the Internet: Download, Print and Give right away, 24/7!
  • Our Keepsake Gifts are printed and shipped to you or to your gift recipient. We offer free Priority Mail shipping to U.S. addresses.

Featured Gift Set

Instant Gift Set Premium
The Instant Gift Set Premium. Click to see larger image.

Never lose sight of your star with the comprehensive Name A Star Live Instant Gift Set Premium. This high value digital gift set includes a personalized Star Certificate, Star Chart, and beautiful Astrophoto of your star’s constellation and location!

The Instant Gift Set Premium includes:

  • A letter-size, Digital Star Certificate, showing the name of your star, your star’s astronomical coordinates, and a personal message you can write for your gift recipient.
  • A Digital Star Chart showing the location of your star within its constellation (area of the night sky, such as Aries or Taurus). You get to choose the constellation for your star.
  • A Digital Astrophoto — a real photo of your star’s constellation. Customized with the star name, astronomical coordinates and includes an inset showing your star, its neighboring stars, and their location within the constellation.
Digital Astrophoto
An example of a Digital Astrophoto

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