Adopt-A-Star Programs in Museums and Planetariums

Name A Star Live is a unique name-a-star service in that we launch our customers’ star names into space.  When you name a star with us, you are made part of a real space mission!

In fact, there are many star-naming companies.  But did you know that a number of science museums and planetariums have “adopt-a-star” programs as well?

Like Name A Star Live, adopt-a-star programs typically provide customers a star certificate displaying the name of the star, as well as a star chart showing the star’s location within its constellation (area of the night sky).  Some organizations, such as the DuPont Planetarium at the University of South Carolina, will display the names of its customers on kiosks. Other planetariums even display adopted star names on planetarium ceilings.

Adopt-A-Star programs have been particularly popular in Australia and New Zealand.  The Sydney Observatory has a “Name A Star” program that helps fund the observatory’s heritage and collection program.  Perth Observatory, the Australian National University’s Mount Stromlo Observatory, and the Stardome Observatory in Auckland, New Zealand have all used adopt-a-star programs to raise funds for their educational facilities.

In fact, shortly before our 2009 Whetū Flight launch from New Zealand, an astronomer with the Stardome Observatory discussed the popularity of star-naming.  See his comments in the following New Zealand television report about the Whetū Flight:

The adopt-a-star programs are all certainly worthwhile.  But again, Name A Star Live is the only star-naming service that launches your star name into space.  After the launch occurs we provide you a Launch Certificate via the Internet.  Usually you can watch the launch online.   Many of our missions have been flown on rockets carrying student payloads.  This unique space experience is enhanced by our Virtual Planetarium™ space and astronomy software, developed by Rice University and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  And our Ultimate Children’s and Stargazers’ gift sets help children and adults develop a lifelong interest in astronomy!