Top Ten Valentine’s Star Messages

Each Name A Star Live Gift Set includes a letter-size star certificate that displays the name of the star, astronomical information about the star, and an area where you can include a brief personal message for your gift recipient.

Here are some notable Valentine’s messages our customers wrote in January (we’ve changed the names to protect our customers’ privacy):

  1. There are not enough stars in the sky to compare to the love that I will always have for you.   Happy Valentine’s Day, my beautiful Roger.
  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! This is to celebrate our first Valentine’s together.  Remember me every time you gaze at the stars – yours will be the brightest and most beautiful of them all =)    I love you.
  3. No star could ever compare to you.  I love you so much.
  4. To the woman that means the world to me. I give you this star as a sign of my love for you.   My love extends to our star and back again. I love you, always and forever yours…
  5. To the one whom I love most in this galaxy… Forever my wife.   Happy Valentine’s Day!
  6. Kiss me and you will see Stars.   Love me and I will give them to you.
  7. For our first Valentines.  Every time I am away I will look up in the night sky and see your star and think of you.  Always…
  8. You are everlasting in my heart.   Every time you think of your star, remember, like the stars, my love for you endures forever.
  9. I love you more than life. You are my world, my one true love, and my shining star.
  10. Mi Amor, I Love you so much.
Name A Star for Valentine's Day!

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